The Light Camera
Mark I

Only 50,000 copies available!

The Light Camera - Mark I is a unique new photo app with real-time "Live View" Filters and Effects before you take the photo. This opens up endless creative possibilities while composing your shot.

  • Real-time "Live View" Filters, Effects and Frames
  • Easily adjust intensity, location and shape of Filters and Effects
  • Unique menu makes it easy to use the app with one hand
  • Supports all of the latest versions and sizes of the iPhone and iPad

Only 50,000 copies of the app will be sold! You don't want to miss out!

Tap Into Your Creativity

The creative possibilities are limitless with the real-time "Live View" Filters and Effects of the Light Camera - Mark I which you can apply while you compose your shot!

  • Select from different colored Filters and adjust their intensity in "Live View"
  • Choose an Effect, from sun flares to flames; Then move and stretch it to create your desired look
  • Pick out just the right Frame to embellish your photo
  • Then Share your artistic creation with the world via Twitter, Facebook or Email

You'll be ready whenever the muse strikes!


Real-time "Live View" Filters

While composing your shot in Camera mode you can select a Filter and adjust its intensity to see what the photo will look like before you take your shot.

  • Select from a number of beautiful and creative filters
  • Filters can be applied in the "Live View" of camera mode or to an existing image from your photo library
  • Easily adjust the intensity of the filter using a circular motion with your finger

You will never use filters the same way again!


Stretch and Move Effects

Choose from a collection of cool and fun Effects to add some "pizzazz" to your photo. You can move and stretch the Effect to create something truly unique.

  • You'll have a blast choosing from light flares to flames, from to hearts to stars
  • Effects can be applied in the "Live View" of camera mode or to an existing image from your photo library
  • Have fun moving and stretching the location and shape of the selected Effect

Every one of your photos will be truly unique!


Select a Frame

Pick a Frame to embellish your photo.

  • Spin the dial to find the perfect frame for your photo
  • A variety of frames are included... from distinctive to grunge

The right frame gives your photo a beautiful, polished look!


Save and Share Online

Photos are meant to be shared with others! We made it simple to save your photos and share them online.

  • Link up your Twitter account and easily tweet your photo along with a witty caption
  • Post your photo to your Facebook timeline so family and friends can see and comment on it
  • Email your creation to anyone or everyone!
  • Or simply save it in your photo library; Later you can upload to your favorite social network such as Instagram, Pinterest or Google+

We look forward to seeing what you create from the Light Camera - Mark I photo app!



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